Experience the birth you were designed for

Don’t go it alone. Prepare holistically with a birth coach you can trust. 

Original Design Workshop — Birth Preparation

Experience the birth you were designed for.

Do you feel unprepared and unsure about your birth? It doesn’t need to be that way!

If you’re a pregnant mama ready to go from panicky to prepared, I can help you make measurable progress in 30 days.

My approach is not about natural birth vs medical birth. There’s a third group. 

Those for whom birth is a salient moment that positively impacts themAn experience that adds deeply to their sense of being alive and their connection to their husband/partner. A moment of safety & nurture & pristine personal power that shapes and alters the course of their life.

A defining moment. One where gratitude for life is evoked. A peak moment that brings openheartedness and softness and love together. A time of speechless power and wonder, embracing a perfect human wrapped up in a buttery-soft blanket, etched into her memory for all time.

Hire a 1:1 birth coach.

Steph will help you prepare holistically for your birth so you feel confident going into labour that it will be a calm and beautiful experience. Today you have a unique opportunity to start a coaching call with Steph. Click below to learn more↓