Experience the birth you were designed for

Join the online birth course that helps you prepare for a quicker, easier birth.

Original Design Workshop — Birth Preparation

Experience the birth you were designed for.

We help women like you prepare for a quicker, easier birth through coaching & workshops.

Original Design Workshop

GET CLEAR shows you that birth is safe. Discover how perfectly designed you are to give birth. You’ll be guided to envisage your birth, access personal insights for your birth and uncover what you’re believing for (Week 1,2,3,4).


UNBLOCKED is all about removing “blocks”. We’ll look at common barriers to an easy birth. Then, through guided meditations, we’ll remove the blocks by creating new neural pathways (Week 5,6,7,8).

Part 3—ALIGNeD

ALIGNED is all about your body. We are designed for birth—but our modern lifestyle isn’t always. Discover practical tools to improve your comfort during pregnancy and have a quicker labour (Week 9,10,11,12).

What's Included

— 12 Weeks of Content
 Q&A Calls (Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)
— Video, Audio and Written Lessons
— Guided Meditations & Journal Prompts
— Practical Exercises

You can view the full course curriculum here.

Workshop Cost: $1200AUD

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