Your roadmap to experience a supernatural birth

The ORIGINAL DESIGN Workshop is your roadmap to get clarity, unblock limiting beliefs and realign your body for a supernatural labour. 



GET CLEAR is all about God’s promises for you. It’s about looking through scripture to understand the Father’s heart for birth. Then, through Deep Imaginings you’ll be guided to receive personal insights for your birth from the Holy Spirit. You’ll envisage your authentic birth experience. And you’ll get clear on what you’re believing for. The core essence of Part 1 is Faith.


UNBLOCKED is all about releasing fear. This important work is about understanding the cultural and societal conditioning you’ve received about birth through media, fear-based birth stories, and internalised family beliefs. Then, you’ll partner with the Holy Spirit to reprogram those beliefs and create new neural pathways of faith and belief—meaning a firmer foundation for your birth. The core essence of Part 2 is Freedom.


ALIGNMENT is all about realigning your body. Our body’s are beautifully designed for birth—but our modern lifestyle isn’t. Learn practices that support your body really well, so your baby is in a great position for birth. These practices will make your birth quicker and easier. Plus, learn about natural ‘pain’ relief, and how to keep your perineum intact. The core essence of Part 3 is Form.

THE workshop includes:

  • 9 days of online content
  • 6 videos
  • 4 Deep Imaginings
  • 20 minutes of content for each day
  • 30 minutes of supportive daily exercises
  • Community support in the comment sections of each module