What Will My Birth Be Like? I Asked

What will my birth be like?’ I asked.

Whatever you want it to be,’ the voice of Wisdom¹ replied.

The ability of a woman to create is her birthright—a gift sewn into the fabric of her body, mind and soul. She has access to power-beyond-power, just below the surface of the ordinary. Of this I am convinced. Continuous activity is a burdensome barrier to her freedom. To access this power, a woman need only surrender and find stillness. 

This is freedom—not needing to do or be different in any way. 

Freedom is the truest state of being for a woman. Oh, the deep rest that is available to each woman! Freedom looks like confidence in oneself without arrogance. It’s a still knowing in the goodness of one’s soul. Freedom is…freedom to let go of self-promotion and to sit in the stillness of this moment now². 

Birth is the passageway to much. It leads us more fully to the solidness of life—the universal truth of ‘I receive love’ and ‘I pour out love’. If we allow the process, birth will teach us mysteries about this life and afford us grace to experience mystical experiences unlike you may have dreamt possible.

Far beyond the intellect, the deepness of the womb cries out with groaning too deep for words. The language of presence is deeper and truer than any tongues of this world. Submission to the beautiful process is all that’s required—gentle submission. A ‘let it be as you say’³ will suffice.

When the fight fades, we realise the war has been won and we need only rest. Lay down your weapons—fight with a life lived in peace and harmony. Nothing turns darkness upside-down like a life lived in peaceful, simple, harmony.

When we realise the crookedness has fallen away—that all the creases are already gone—then the party begins. We can dance into the night, toes light as ever, knowing we believed we could… and we did.

Guiding Scriptures:
1: Proverbs 4:6-7
2: Psalm 46:10 
3: Luke 1:38