VBAC Body-Healing Birth ft. Bek Shelling

This week’s birth story is powerful! Bek shares how her body was miraculously realigned and healed by God through the birth of her second child. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Her VBAC experience
  • Receiving promises from God for your birth
  • Quick healing after birth
  • Thoughts on postpartum care
  • Products she loves 
  • “Don’t stress”

Bek is a good friend and high caliber mother and friend. She is kind and honest. Her and her husband, Jay, prioritise their family as the bedrock of their lives and it’s wonderful to watch and learn from. 

To listen, click here or find the episode on @spotify or @applepodcasts by searching ‘Original Design Podcast’. 

I hope you thoroughly enjoy these words.

Much love