Who Are Your People?

Whether you’re 12 weeks or 32 weeks pregnant, you can choose what care provider you want for your birth.

If you haven’t already decided who will be by your side when you birth, then this is the week to start your decision-making process. Reach out to a private midwife in your area and ask for a free consultation.

Care Provider Options For Birth

Care Provider
Gold Standard Care 🥇
Medical SupportEmotional SupportWill I Know The Person At My Birth?LocationEstimated Costs
Private MidwifeBirth Centre, Home, or Hospital~$300 – $5000¹
Group Practice Midwife✓²Birth Centre, Home, or Hospital~$0
Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN)Hospital⁷~$0 – $10,000⁴
Hospital Midwife?⁵✗⁶Hospital~$0
DoulaBirth Centre, Home, or Hospital~$800-$2500
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1. The cost of a private midwife varies depending on which state or country you are birthing in. Medicare rebates of $1000 – $1800 are given for prenatal and postnatal appointments, but no rebate is usually provided for the birth.
2. You will have the same midwife you’ve been seeing throughout your pregnancy if they are on call. If not, another midwife from the group practice will attend.
3. If you have a private OBGYN, you may be able to ensure they are present when your baby is born. If you are a public patient at your local hospital, then you won’t know the OBGYN attending your birth.
4. These fees are dependant on your level of Health Cover (if you have it), and whether you plan to birth in at home, a public hospital or private hospital.
5. In most hospital settings, you will have 1-on-1 support from a hospital nurse. Depending on the care provider, they may be equipped to offer you emotional support.
6. If you’re birthing in a public or private hospital (traditional maternity ward) it’s very unlikely that you’d know the hospital midwife or midwives attending to your birth.
7. OBGYN are known to operate in hospitals, though some may also attend home births.