Guided Imagining: Clearing Blocks


Go ahead and relax.

Close your eyes and find a comfortable position.

Slowing down your breath. Imagine it is flowing in and out of the space inside your chest. Breathe a little slower and deeper than usual. Find a comfortable rhythm.

As you begin scanning your body, allow any areas of your body where you’ve been feeling stress to melt into the ground beneath you.

Now bring your attention to the space you’re in.

What do you hear?
Notice any smells…
Feel the temperature around your body?

Bringing the focus to your body, relaxing deeper. And scanning your body one more time.

Now taking note of any emotional tension you’ve been feeling this week or lately.

Allowing it to collect like little particles in your heart space, and then picture the Holy Spirit as a vacuum at your feet. These particles are sucked entirely out, leaving you feeling even more relaxed and yourself than ever before.

Now bring your awareness to a miraculous cloud forming in the room. You place your hand on it, and to your surprise, it’s buoyant. Take in the texture and shape. Go ahead and sit on it.

Allowing it to take you up over your town, to your favourite place in nature. After stepping off, allow your feet to stand firmly on the earth and just notice how this space makes you feel so relaxed and wonderful.

The sun is shining. And you notice how good it feels to have the warmth of the sun gently soaking into your back and shining its warm, wonderful light into your heart space. You notice your breathing is easy and a little deeper than usual. In this place, you have complete clarity.

“Now,” God says, “I am revealing new things to you. Things hidden and unknown to you. Created just now, this very moment. Of these things, you have heard nothing until now.”

You jump back onto the cloud. It takes you to your home town and to a moment when you learned about following your body’s instincts. Think back to a time when you learnt about your body or trusting your inner knowing and intuition. Notice if this was an enjoyable or limiting experience for you. And just placing this experience in your pocket for later, to remember.

Now, allow the Holy Spirit to show you the earliest memory when you learnt that you couldn’t have what your heart authentically wants. See if there was a time when you discerned that it wasn’t safe to follow your desires. Place this in your pocket to continue on your journey.

And now in your home town make your way to a memory from when you were in school. Allowing the Holy Spirit to bring your first memory forward when you felt you needed to conform to be accepted. A memory when you had to say yes when you meant no. Or a time when you were shunned or made to feel bad for being yourself and following your authentic desires.

And lastly, as you make your way to your cloud, let the Holy Spirit show you your biggest block around birth at the moment. What area is it specifically? Now, see if a scripture or picture or phrase comes into your mind to reveal the truth. Ask the Father: “What is your perspective about this block?”

And hoping on your cloud, making your way back into your room, and wiggling your toes a little bit and coming back to this moment here and now.

Now you’ll move to the next section and begin to journal everything you discovered.