Guided Imagining: Clarity Pool

The Role of Breathing

Breathing alone cannot sustain an organised heart rhythm. Breathing slowly and regularly at a 10-second rhythm (5 seconds on the in-breath and 5 seconds on the out-breath) can help to initiate a shift out of stressful emotional state and into increased peace, yet, this type of forced breathing requires substantial mental effort and is difficult to maintain.

The technique I’m about to show you incorporates breathing but is not simply a breathing exercise. It’s an approach that focuses on experiencing a heartfelt positive emotional state, like love, peace, joy etc. This emotional shift (not just a mental shift) is the reason it works so well. Because experiencing positive emotions is part of our original design, our body responds well when we excite these natural pathways. This is the key to sustaining an organised heart rhythm without conscious mental focus on breathing. Doing it this way lets our original design do the heavy lifting, and we can just enjoy the ride.


Go ahead and relax. Close your eyes and find a comfortable position. 

Slow down your breath. Imagine it is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual. Find a comfortable rhythm. 

As you begin scanning your body, allow any areas of your body where you’ve been feeling stress to melt into the ground beneath you.

Bring the focus to your body, relaxing deeper, and scanning your body one more time. Now taking note of any emotional tension you’ve been feeling this week or recently. Allowing it to collect like tiny particles in your heart space, and then picture Holy Spirit as a vacuum. These particles are sucked entirely out, leaving you feeling even more relaxed and yourself than ever before.

Now bring your awareness to a miraculous cloud forming in the room. You place your hand on it and to your surprise it’s buoyant. Take in the texture and shape. Go ahead and sit on it.

Allow it to take you up over your town, to your favourite leafy green garden space.

You feel the soft sunshine on your face. And you notice how wonderful it feels to have the warmth of the sun gently soaking into the hairs on your head, and your back and into your heart space. You notice your breathing is easy and a little deeper than usual. In this place, you feel completely safe. And it feels good to know you can be safe and rest and be here now in this moment.

“Now,” God says, “I am revealing new things to you. Things hidden and unknown to you. Created just now, this very moment. Of these things, you have heard nothing until now.”

You hear the leaves in the trees lightly mixing together. You hold your tummy—there’s another heartbeat in there. You ask the Spirit to show you what’s next. You see a stream a little ways in front of you. You walk over and notice it the water is crystal clear with smooth pebbles along the bottom, and no ones around, so you take your things off and jump in. To your surprise the water’s warm, and it feels good to just relax in the water.

You notice a cloudiness in the water around your body, and realise it’s the energy from any negative emotions you’ve been experiencing this week or recently. And like a purifying pool, these heavy feelings are just getting washed down the stream and away.

You jump out again, and are dry. You’ve been so in the moment that for an instant, you forgot you were pregnant.

And it feels good to know your baby is safe inside of you. And that you are safe inside the womb of the universe.

And hoping back on the miraculous cloud, you travel back to the moment where you are seated right now, where you’ll come up and journal everything you discovered.