The Most Radical Thing I Can Tell You

The most radical thing I can tell you is that you can have the birth you want. That’s it! That is the most simple and the most radical thing I can say.

It’s radical because I’m talking to every woman. Not just those with ‘low-risk pregnancies’ (whatever the medical model categories that as at the time). Not just those who have never had a cesarean. Not just those who have been told their baby is a ‘good size’. Not just those with a ‘good shaped pelvis for birthing’ (however that is measured!). Not just those who have already had a baby and know they can do it. 

Take cesarean sections. On each continent, this delivery method is rising (view report). Yet, in a little-known birthing centre in America, 98.3% of women give birth naturally, without drugs or surgery (view stats). Let’s pause for a minute and examine this. Represented as dots, that means that more than 98 women—in every 100 women—birthed naturally. 
Illustration of 98.3% of women (in black) who birthed naturally (without drugs or caesarean section) at The Farm. In orange, 1.7% of women who gave birth via caesarean section while under the care of midwives at The Farm. Learn more here.
From these statistics, you can see how it’s not outlandish to believe that every woman can birth naturally and have a wonderful experience! 

“But what about the other 1.7% where surgical birth was needed?” you might say. I also believe in supernatural shifts—above/beyond (super) the normal patterns of nature (natural).

I’ve seen unexplainably good things happen to people. I prayed for a friend three weeks ago who’s baby was in a transverse position (sideways) in the womb. That night her baby moved into a head-down position which is ideal for birth. I’ve prayed for people and seen their pain dissipate. With a supernatural lens, then, it’s normal to anticipate the other 1.7% of women to have their difficulties mystically resolved.

My view of God is that He is in the ordinary. His design is written on our hearts and in our DNA. There’s no separation between spiritual and physical—it’s all holy and beautiful. That’s why I consider the normal process of birth to be miraculous. It’s not a miracle because it usually doesn’t work. “Oh, it never usually works…but this time it did. Wow! It’s a miracle.” Not that kind of miracle. It’s a miracle because of how perfectly it has been designed. This birthing centre is one example of just how perfectly childbirth has been designed. (That even without belief in the supernatural power of prayer to shift realities, these outcomes were achieved with women who were a range of ‘risk-levels’: breech babies, twins, first-time mums, older mums, etc.)

You can have whatever birth you want. You are abundantly deserving of that. It’s your original design—so living within your original design is natural for you.