How to Have A “Blessed” Birth

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a christian or not, or give birth in hospital or not. The women the world over who have birthed well and come out of it feeling empowered and enriched—feeling that the experience has blessed them—they’ve done it understanding that fear doesn’t need to be a part of [the process].
And in such a fear mongering culture, I want to say that if you work at really embracing the truth that you were designed to birth—your body was designed to do this and do it well—and that if you condition your mind, then faith rises up. Faith rises up more than the fear.
You certainly recognise fear, but its not a part of your story.
Then the experience will be far better than if you listened to Great Aunt Flow talk about all of her horrible birth stories.
I really believe that fear is the enemy of a blessed birth, in all respects.
So I just wish that women could be blessed with the understanding—a knowledge emparted into their minds and hearts—that you can do this.
That you’re empowered.
And that you can take back that power at any point.

— An excerpt from the ‘Living-Room Free Birth’ episode ft. Dani Avery on the ORIGINAL DESIGN Podcast