Birth is Like Sex—And Why I Chose Home Birth

I loved birthing at home.

I felt safe and comfortable in my own space. I knew everyone who’d be there, so it felt ultra private. The smell was ‘home’ and I had my room setup especially.

I liken birth to sex. To experience pleasure during sex, women need to feel safe, connected and physically private. When these conditions exist it allows the women to relax, open fully, surrender and enjoy the process. It’s the same with childbirth.

A women’s perception of safety during birth is incredibly powerful. Safety invites our parasympathetic nervous system to operate. The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) is often called the ‘rest and digest’ system because it slows the heart rate and activates the digestive system (among other things). It also releases key anti-stress enzymes and hormones such as acetylcholine, prolactin, vasopressin, and oxytocin.

So when you feel safe and relaxed, your body can release important hormones and your cervix can dilate effectively. Sounds like a smooth sailing labour to me!

Wherever a woman feels she can access privacy, safety, support and quiet—that’s where she should birth. For me, that place was my bedroom.

I’m so grateful to have birthed my first child, Willow, at home. After a while resting in bed and moving from the shower to the bath (and back) I climbed out of the bath and Willow was born. Calm and wide-eyed, she was content and oh so healthy. After laying together for a while, we weighed her. She was 4.7kg / 10lb 7oz! I have a small frame, yet my body was able to grow the perfect sized baby for my body. My story is not an exception. I was just shy of 24 years old. If I can do it, any woman can. The undisturbed birth process works!

3 Ways Sex And Childbirth Are Similar

Can be orgasmic and/or can feel really good✔️✔️
Can be painful if you feel unsafe and aren’t relaxed✔️✔️
Can be silent, quiet or loud✔️✔️

If you’d like to prepare more for your birth, check out the Original Design Workshop. It walks you through God’s blueprint for childbirth so you can have a quicker, easier birth. 

Much love,
Stephanie Renee Cluff

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