Give Me 1-Minute And I’ll Show You The Kind Of Birth You Deserve

I really want you to have an amazing birth.

Not an “okay” birth.”
Not a “not bad” birth.
Not a “kinda sucky, kinda good” birth.

A radically good, powerful, mind-blowing birth. 🤯  😇 

I Believe You Deserve To:

  • Go into labour when your body and baby are ready
  • Privately labour and have people come to you to support you in your space
  • Trust and know every single person present at the birth of your baby
  • Be supported by people who really know you, your partner and your preferences
  • Feel private enough to be sexual during labour, if you want to, knowing it may help
  • Feel unrestrained and not self-conscious about your sounds
  • Feel unhurried and completely free of time-pressure
  • Be verbally encouraged if you feel tired, overwhelmed or defeated
  • Be believed, seen and heard 
  • Remain uninterrupted—physically, emotionally, mentally—through labour so you can focus
  • Enjoy your first embrace with your newborn, heart-to-heart contact, straight after giving birth to them
  • Snuggle into your own sheets after giving birth
  • Have the memory of “I gave birth in this house” linger pleasantly with you as you raise your baby (for those who want to birth at home)

I think these things 👆🏻 are the markers of a positive birth experience. We need to curate our births around these things.

This Is The Kind Of Birth You Deserve

This birth video is incredible. It shows a young mama, Bekah, majorly blissing out in labour. Then she gives birth in her home with her midwife, husband and mother by her side (and a few others). Here’s the full length video (13 mins) if you’re curious. I think this is the type of birth that EVERY woman deserves! 😊

In Birth, You’re Worthy Of Feeling:

  • in control
  • peaceful
  • so proud
  • undone
  • expanded
  • whole
  • broken down
  • humbled
  • happy
  • ecstatic
  • deeply grateful
  • fully connected
  • safe
  • powerful
  • astonished
  • joyous
  • overwhelmed
  • wise
  • hopeful
  • privileged
  • confident
  • in awe
  • inspired
  • courageous
  • fearless
  • limitless
  • surrendered
  • grounded
  • fulfilled
  • supported

Love to hear your dreams for birth. Let’s schedule a call.

Much love,
Stephanie Renee Cluff

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