Such An Unexpected Way To Have Your Dream Birth ☁️

All of us, in one way or another, are focused on seeing our dreams turned into a reality—to get pregnant, have a fulfilling relationship, or enjoy a peaceful birth. In this life, there are things, unique to us, that we authentically dream of experiencing or want to receive. God knows these desires of our heart.

We need to realise that the things we want aren’t out of reach. They’re really not! This is what it means when it says, faith is the hope of things unseen. Faith describes the process of seeing something move from the unseen world to the seen world. Faith is about realising that what you want is actually possible—abundantly possible! This dream-faith partnership is the mechanism that brings heaven to earth in our lives.

If you have faith for your dream (say for example, to conceive), and are truly trusting it will happen (which means you’re open to the unfolding of your desire in ways that might be different to how you think it will happen) then depending on what it is, it might take some time for it to happen. If your dream seems like it’s taking an exorbitant amount of time, it’s essential to keep in mind that you’re not necessarily doing anything wrong; sometimes people, things, or events need to line-up or break down for the possibility of your new future to come about. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing—it just means it will show up when you’re fully ready to engage it. In the meantime, focus on that dream and sincerely thank God for it.

Think of your thoughts as food and your feelings as water. Put them together, and they’re the building blocks of FUEL for your body so it can create energy. The way you think and feel is incredibly important because of how these two factors change your energy level and change your experience of life on a moment-to-moment basis (your state of being). 

Give thanks as though your dream has already happened. Giving thanks beforehand is what it looks like practically to believe for your desire to happen. The bonus is that you get to enjoy your life now, even before anything “shows up”. Be grateful before it is made manifest. Each time you are truly grateful, you’re feeling, tasting and envisioning what it feels like to embrace your “new creation” identity. And, as you do, you’ll discover how good it feels to be preemptively grateful for your dream. 

As you continue in thankfulness to God, even before your dream manifests, your heart is enveloped into an actual state of joy, love and gratitude. It feels good to be thankful! Now you’re in a state of continual thankfulness (before circumstance even aligns). You’re full of hope and trust because you believe in faith that what was promised will indeed be given. In fact, you’re convinced that it will be better than you can even comprehend! Such is His Love and loving desire to provide you with all things.

Overall, living this way is not mundane. This is how a new creation lives—from a totally new place, new energy, a new vitality; all based on a unique perspective that you do not lack anything and that all good things can and will be yours.

As you’re daily thankful to God for who He is, your union with Him and what He’s doing to bring your dreams about, something unexpected happens… you begin to actually feel the feelings as though everything you’ve ever wanted has already been given. You start to feel as though you already have all things. And that just makes you more thankful and grateful to God, and the positive cycle continues! 

When you’re thankful in this way, you activate new neurological pathways in your brain, which means that on a practical level your brain’s neurocircuitry isn’t stuck repeating the programming of the old self that died with Christ. Your mind has been renewed (and is renewed daily, as you live this way) so that your mind looks different on a biological level. It’s no longer a record of past experiences, as it was in the past. Your mind has been renewed. It too has been redeemed from the shackles of poor thinking patterns—your neurocircuitry and mindsets are refreshingly different.

As you continue to anticipate good things coming your way, and sincerely thank God in advance, you start to see changes in your body as well. You are living in the fruits of the spirit and are a new being. You’re not feeling or thinking the “same old way”, so your body doesn’t respond the “same old way”, either. This lifestyle signals new genes to switch on and make new proteins. These better proteins create better tissues in the body, and so your body is healthier on a cellular level. 

As you practice thankfulness to God, you’ll actually begin to perceive things in your life differently. You’ll physically feel better and be less reactive to setbacks that would have frustrated you in the past. This is the place where beautiful things begin to happen because your brain is not locked into limiting thoughts about what the future will be like. “Nothing is impossible with God” feels utterly real.

Next, the dream that existed in the unseen realm starts to become a knowing within your entire being. You just know it’s God’s will and desire to give it to you and to bless you. When you know it’s coming (and have even started to see the beginnings of it forming) then you begin to relax and surrender, and that letting go is when things really start to unfold in new and wonderfully surprising ways.

When these early signs begin to show up, it’s because you now believe that you deserve it. After all, God has made you a co-heir with Him and a partaker of the divine nature. You believe God wants to give good gifts to you. You know it’s your inheritance to receive good things. You’re in alignment with who God already says you are. Now you’re living—genetically, neurologically, chemically, hormonally and emotionally—in alignment with your identity. You realise you are as a co-heir and son or daughter of God. Somehow, this level of belief and faith, like a beacon of light, draws more good things to you. 

At some point along this journey of thankfulness and faith, you’re going to start noticing small “coincidences” or divine appointments occurring. These personalised moments of serendipity are like a “kiss from heaven”. These are the “signs that follow those who believe”. These things are a byproduct of faith and such a joy to experience. These are little examples showing you how easy it is for the unseen to quickly and without hesitation become a reality.

As the divine appointments start to show up in your life, and you naturally react to those mysterious events with an authentic state of joy, a love for life, and sincere gratitude—you suddenly feel more awake, alive, and empowered. That’s because there is a confirmation between your new creation identity and your physical reality.

Then you begin to notice the thought-patterns and feeling-patterns you’re experiencing during these divine appointments are equal to the thought-patterns and feeling-patterns you were already practising. 

There’s an equality between what you believed for and what your circumstances are starting to reveal. You are already living in a “spirit of love”, and more goodness is being magnetised to you. The thrill and inspiration you meet these divine appointments with are because you’re experiencing what it feels like to live in heaven on earth. This helps you to tune in even more to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

That’s what the experience of divine appointments is; it’s an alignment between your identity (new creation) and circumstances (daily life experience as a new creation). Your joyful thankfulness for the little breakthroughs inspires you to keep accepting, believing, and trusting God to do even more of what He’s already doing. Faith begets faith. And now you sense with more conviction than ever: “if He can do that, then He can definitely do other greater things too!” All of this “faith to faith” growth is like a snowball down a mountain. The momentum of believing is making it more and more desirable to continue believing, because “Praise God, He is good and wants good things for me!” 

So, how do divine appointments happen? They appear as a byproduct of being in agreement with your God-given destiny by living as who he already says you are (new creation). Living as who God says you are (a “new creation”, co-heir, beloved etc.) makes you more prone to ACT in alignment with who you are (and not in alignment with the patterns of the old self that was co-crucified with Christ). Doing this regularly means you literally make a life of holiness, joy, peace etc. your daily habit.

Now not only is your perception of life broadened (“can life really be this good? Wow!”) but the faith you currently have actually continued like a beacon to draw more good things to you. This is what it means to grow in favour with God and man, as the bible says Jesus did. In this process, you start to trust the leading of the Holy Spirit more. As a result, you step further out into the unknown. 

When you trust the direction of the Holy Spirit, you’re willing to take a few more risks and make different choices, because now you can discern and trust that things are working out for your ultimate good.

On this journey, blessings will start showing up without you orchestrating them. New connections. New opportunities. New experiences. The list of benefits goes on!

Now let’s say for example your dream was to have a peaceful birth and all of a sudden you are pregnant—but it turns out you’ve booked in for a hospital suite, and you really want to give birth at home. This realisation is the feedback that helps you refine what you want.

Once you get to the place where the divine appointments are occurring with increasing frequency, it’s easy to see how God’s goodness actually brings about reality, if we can just let Him define who we are! Believing who God already says you bring about blessings that are in line with your identity—”like attracts like”. The next thing you know, you’re coasting through a smooth pregnancy, in a fulfilling relationship or just experienced a positive birth. The best part is that because you chose to simply trust, reality turned out better than you could have ever imagined.

Now it’s time to see your next dream appear in your life—and you already know that He’ll do it because it’s happened before!

So, what are you waiting for?

What if this was your first divine appointment.

Much love,
Stephanie Renee Cluff

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