Doctor Reveals #1 Risk Factor For An Emergency Cesarean

Cesarean section rates are rising worldwide 📈 in higher-income countries. Despite this, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that birth surgery, the most common surgery performed on humans, should be a lot lower. 📉

In Australia, the cesarean section rate is over 30 out of 100 women (35.3%). I believe the cesarean section rate could be lower if we were implementing what we already know about birth across all birth settings. This midwifery centre, for example, has a c-section rate of almost 2 out of 100 women (1.7%).

Why does this matter? 

In pregnancy, no one wants to choose an emergency cesarean section. Even in labour, most women don’t desire an emergency cesarean section. It comes with longer recovery times, risks for subsequent pregnancies and sometimes leaves women with distressing memories.

What’s The #1 Way To Avoid Emergency Cesarean Section

The care provider you choose for your birth is crucial.

“The biggest risk factor for [Cesarean Section]…is not a [mother’s] personal preferences or even her medical risk, but which facility she goes to, which door she walks through.” — Dr Neel Shah, MD, MPP, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School

Shah continues, “Honestly, C-sections are largely a reflection of the capacity of the hospital to support labour”. 🏩

Do You Know How Will Be With You In Labour?

I believe every woman deserves a care provider that knows them thoroughly. And vice versa. A woman should expect to know and trust her midwife or doctor too. You don’t deserve to play Russian Roulette in labour, randomly assigned whoever is on shift! Of course, no matter which path you have favour with God and man. 

There’s always grace, hope and love, no matter the circumstances. I believe that. I’m saying: why not expect more in pregnancy and seek alternatives that empower you to choose your support team.

You Are Worthy Of The Birth Of Your Dreams

You will only do this a handful of times in your life.

You deserve to have an incredible birth.

Find care providers that believe in you and can support you in achieving your goals.

Next Steps?

If you’d like to prepare more for your birth, check out the Original Design Workshop or coaching with Steph. 

Much love,
Stephanie Renee Cluff

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