Personal Coaching
For Birth

Experience the birth you were designed for

Stephanie Renee Cluff’s approach can help expand your belief in your ability to birth, and unlock your pathway to a quicker, easier birth. Find clarity for your birth.

Having an incredible birth should not be a mystery

When you don’t feel completely confident going into birth, you put a lot at risk … 

  • You waste money on things that, in hindsight, didn’t help you have a quicker, easier birth
  • Your birth team isn’t aligned around a clear mission or goal
  • You potentially slow down labour with unprocessed emotions
  • You leave to chance your ability to have uninterrupted time with your newborn after birth
  • You make your recovery potentially a lot slower and more challenging
  • You may feel disconnected from your partner, even though you wanted to feel so unified

Personal Coaching with Steph will help you:

  • Discover your authentic birth code and what you’re believing for
  • Be encouraged to follow your heart’s desires 
  • Remind you to make choices that are in alignment with your identity, beliefs and faith
  • Process and let go of any limiting beliefs you’ve picked up
  • Discover decisions you can make to become more personally magnetic, drawing what you want to yourself effortlessly

Book A Discovery Call

What’s a Discovery Call?

This is a video call where we break down your birth goals and what would need to happen to experience this type of birth.

It’s a free strategy session to preparing for your birth using my 3-Part Quicker-Easier Birth Approach™.

If you want ongoing support, you’ll also get an idea of coaching and online birth prep workshop costs.

Look forward to speaking with you.