Plant-based in 2020

I’ve been vegan since July 2017. Short story: A friend recommended this documentary. My husband, James and his mum and dad watched it. We all went vegan overnight. My main reason was health. One study found you can reduce your inflammation markers by 30%. It’s helped my main health issue (psoriasis) and I never feel …

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Birth—Powerful, Safe & Glorious

Here’s a little known fact about home birth: it’s not about the geographical location at all. The location matters only so much as it facilitates a pleasurable, safe, undisturbed birth for the mother and a safe passageway for the baby. I chose to birth at home because I felt safest—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—in my own …

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Breastfeeding Question & Answer

Q: What’s the best position for breastfeeding? A: Whichever position you prefer. That said, I recommend feeding lying down on a bed. It’s comfortable for the new mother and allows her to rest her feet. Often she will naturally doze off, as baby does. And they can cocoon together for a while to get rejuvenated.  …

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