Birth—Powerful, Safe & Glorious

Here’s a little known fact about home birth: it’s not about the geographical location at all. The location matters only so much as it facilitates a pleasurable, safe, undisturbed birth for the mother and a safe passageway for the baby. I chose to birth at home because I felt safest—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—in my own space. The perception of safety during birth is incredibly powerful. In fact, it’s similar to the perception of safety during sex. To experience pleasure during sex, most of us feel safest when we know the experience is private. This allows us to open and give ourselves to the experience. I believe birth is exactly the same. For this reason, amongst others, I highly recommend birthing at home.

For most of us, our home is private and feels private. Now, the distinction between ‘feels private’ (perception) and ‘is private’ (actuality) is important. For example, a woman may perceive that her neighbour cannot hear her during sex, when in fact they can. However, if the woman is completely oblivious to this fact and concretely believes that the neighbour cannot hear them, they will continue merrily without concern, fear or inhibition. If you perceive your home space to be safe, quiet, secure and private, then birthing at home could be ideal for you.

Whether you choose to birth at home or not, you can have a ‘home birth mindset’ in the hospital. From 20 weeks, you can do daily activities to help your baby into a great position for birth (Forward-leaning Inversion, Side-lying Release (on both sides) and Rebozo Manteada). You can prepare for labour by reading books (Ina May Gaskin’s Guide To Childbirth). You can listen to uplifting birth stories (ORIGINAL DESIGN Podcast). You can hire support for in-hospital (private midwife or doula). You can create a calming playlist, spend time meditating and envisaging your birth and lots more! 

May you know how deeply and truly and expansively you are loved. May you trust the process of birth. And may you surrender wholeheartedly to the life-changing experience of birthing your baby.