What Women Want…(From Men During Birth)

“For birth to work the way nature intended, women need…to be encouraged, comforted, and supported emotionally and physically by knowledgeable, trustworthy [people].” — McGrath, 2007 I believe there are three main things women want from their men while giving birth: Presence Protection Pleasure 1. Presence You are a stabilising force. Your presence reveals your commitment to …

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How To Optimise Your Recovery After Birth (And Why It Matters For Sex!)

Birth is like a marathon race. There are loads of parallels between marathon running and giving birth! After delivery, the similarities continue. A renowned running coach, Greg McMillian, has opened my eyes to these similarities. McMillian has coached Olympians and won championships himself. He intimately knows what an athlete needs to do to prepare for a successful …

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50 Uncommon Baby Girl Names

Alpine Arnah Aubrey Ava Blair Cedar Clementine Coco Eden Ember Evie Florence Frankie Harper Ivy Jean June Juniper Kora Lennon Lumi Luna Mabel Maple Marley Meadow Mirabelle Nola Nova Olive Opal Peach Pearl Penelope Polly Posie Poppy Raine Remi River Rose Saffron Safia Sage Skye Suki Violet Willow Winnie Yarra


Milky flowers, blooming from your chest.Nested comfort and secure bond meet.Nourishment—pure and liquid gold.Focused service in colours of creams—A sweet and tender gift.Winds of change blow seasons past,Yet milky rivers flow and last.

An ‘O’ So Pleasurable Birth

If conception feels good, why not childbirth? If we can make a baby in bliss and ecstacy, why not birth a baby likewise? God is pro pleasure. The word ‘Eden’ (as in God’s starting place for humanity) literally means pleasure! Birth is a peak experience—full of wonder, ecstasy and awe (Privette, 2001). Like an orgasm …

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