A Minimalist’s Guide to Baby #1

This is a short list.

Six products for baby. Four products for mama.

Babies don’t need much. I would rather have a few high quality items I love using, than 100s of lower quality items I barely get time to use. And after my super-short ‘must haves’, I’ve also included some optional extras.

Must-Haves, for Baby:

  1. Baby Carrier (Ergo baby is my absolute favourite)
  2. Zip-up onesies x five in each size for the first month (i.e. 5 x 000s, 5 x 00s, 5 x 0s etc.)
  3. Swaddling zip-ups (baby will sleep longer if they feel firmly snug)
  4. Nappies (disposable for the first few days, then reusable if you want)
  5. Water Wipes (or any good-quality natural wipes)
  6. Water-proof change surface (we literally used a towel on a plastic bag for a few months, then upgraded to a cute, handmade and water-proof change mat from Etsy)

Must-Haves, for Mama:

  1. Cotton disposable maternity pads (for the first few weeks of postpartum bleeding)
  2. Stomach compression band (to help support your back muscles as your tummy muscles are moving back into place)
  3. Reusable or disposable breast pads (for when you’re leaking milk everywhere in the first few weeks)
  4. Water bottle (to live alongside you as you breastfeed constantly!)

There are also a handful of other items that would come in handy. They’re not crucial (you can get by without them), but you might like to consider…

Optional, for Baby:

  1. A ‘baby bed’ for in your bed, for co-sleeping (Though we just put baby directly and safety in our bed)
  2. Soft carry wrap for when baby is under 10kgs/22lbs (My favourite is the Chekoh Bamboo Baby Wrap)
  3. Pram (We used the Ergo baby carrier primarily, instead of a pram. Easier to maneuver. Better for attachment. Though we started using the pram when baby got older)
  4. Change table and nappy bin (We didn’t use either…just a lounge, kneeling, and a regular bin)

Optional, for Mama:

  1. Nipple balm (though you can just use your own breast milk, express a small amount after feeding and apply directly, letting the area air dry)
  2. Nipple shields (run to the store for these if you’re nipples get chaffed after the first few days…no need to buy before baby)
  3. Plastic squeezable bottle filled with plain water (to keep next to the toilet for after you #1, to dilute the sting, or else pee in the shower for the first few days)
  4. Healing herbs for in a warm postpartum bath (to relax and help heal grazes)