A Letter of Humility

I’m not an originator.

My approach is not new.

It’s based in mysticism and the Christian tradition, with a physiological, scientific and neurological lens. I collect and curate thoughts and ideas from others. I use my own words and add my vocal inflections to them, but the content of my work is not new.

There are things I’m happy to admit that I don’t know. I’m constantly researching the edges of my understanding—desiring to expand and deepen my approach so that more and more women can benefit.

I take no pleasure in trying to have the secret and only way to experience a birth free from complications. But what I do have are ideas, beliefs and practices for facilitating natural birth.

I’m here to offer a way that’s counter-cultural, but not new.

A perspective that’s common-sense, but not commonly known.

Thank-you for joining me on this journey.