8 Ways to Bless a New Mother

Let’s get practical for a sweet minute. These are things I’ve been given or given as gifts to new mothers. Inspired by an old Cup of Jo post, I’m talking about ways to support and bless new mamas…

  1. This is basic but not to be underrated. I had food from three different sources during my first few weeks with River and it was AH-MAZING. Healthy food delivery subscription to help them focus on just existing, without the need to shop and prepare meals. (Or if you’re more hands-on, cook them meals to stock up their freezer.) Every meal they will seriously hold you in their heart and praise the Lord Almighty. I know I did. Thank-you Kathy…Chloe…Ashlee. 🙏
  2. Post birth chiropractic adjustment for pelvic alignment and back health. Everything moves in pregnancy and it starts to move back straight after birth. This is such an overlooked after-birth appointment. This type of adjustment can help rebalance your body’s transition. I know a brilliant chiro in Brisbane. If you need a recommendation, let me know. 😉
  3. Cotton robe for feeling chic while lounging around home and feeding constantly. Something to wrap around that tummy that’s reshaping once more. Finding its place. Shrinking down. A soft little something to feel good in.
  4. Subscription to a slow living magazine, like Kinfolk or Mother Muse, to feel inspired and connected to a wider community even while spending lots (read: all) of their time at home.
  5. Lactation consultation appointment in the first week post-birth to help first-time mothers confidently navigate breastfeeding, feeding positions (for baby) and feeding posture (for mama). This is such a must for 1st-time mums!
  6. A postpartum doula is an investment. They provide holistic support to a new mother. Everything from physical help (food delivered, massage, folding laundry) to emotional support (debriefing about the birth). If you’re a pregnant mama, you could ask everyone at your baby blessing to contribute.
  7. A pile of groceries delivered to their house to get them through the first week. A collection of easy ingredients to throw together, along with fresh fruit to grab and enjoy. Things like avocado, bread, blueberries, dates (I’m just listing my favourite foods at this point)…and some yummy prepackaged plant-based frozen meals (all the big grocery-delivering food chains do plant-based frozen food these days…Gyoza much!).
  8. UberEats them a meal. Simple! Lunch. Dinner. Breakfast. Text them to see if they’ll be home (they’ll be home!) and get yummy hot noodle soup delivered. The dream!