6 Ways To Snap Out of a Rut

Feel like you’re in a rut? Feeling flat, discouraged, out of sorts or just down? I get it. I’ve been there…recently!

When I’m in a rut, it’s usually offensive to assume I can just ‘snap out of it’. That’s good. If I’m feeling like that, it’s the perfect time to offend my offence. “I have legitimate concerns,” my brains says. “I’m feeling overwhelmed,” it says. It may sound counterintuitive, but I’m learning not to entertain those thoughts so much.

I’m not saying you should repress uncomfortable feelings. I’m not saying it’s ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ to feel sad, or down, or overwhelmed or insert your emotion here. I’m not saying you should pretend emotions don’t exist. I’m definitely not saying you’re crazy for feeling challenged. 

It’s not that those big hard feelings aren’t true at all. It’s that there is a higher reality is truer. I don’t need to stay stuck in a rut for another second, because ‘Mr Higher and Truer’ says I am important, valuable, welcome, loved, embraced, okay, and more. The Father gives context to my struggles and perspective to my challenges.

We have been given a happy Gospel, full of actual freedom. It’s a real smell-the-ocean-spray fresh-air gospel. (If the gospel you’ve heard isn’t SO obscenely good that it’s actually hard to believe… then you haven’t heard the gospel preached rightly.) 

So, now to the list. I want to be clear that I wrote this list for myself. Maybe some of these things will help you. Maybe they won’t.

When it’s time to offend my offence and snap out of a rut, I try these 6 micro-actions:

  1. People-watch at your local bustling park or busy cafe. The more people the better. Overhear conversations. Notice clothes, styles and body shapes. Observe the differences and similarities. Realise you’re not alone—physically, or in your struggles. 
  2. Stare at something supremely beautiful for more than 15 seconds. Your baby’s face. Your dog. A river. The stars. Just look and notice for fifteen seconds. 
  3. Give a small treat to a friend. A jar of fresh almond milk? (Soak some almonds for 4-8hrs. Blend them up. Add a pinch of salt and a dash of maple syrup.) A jar of this delicious sprinkling vegan ‘Parmesan’? (Toast walnuts. Blend. Add salt, nutritional yeast, and garlic powder to taste.) 
  4. Decide you want to. You have the power to change. (Even when you don’t feel like you do). You might kinda-hate-kinda-like feelin’ down, but I bet you really love breathing that clear-as air of ‘everything is okay and I believe it’. 
  5. Go to a family gathering and eat yummy food. Have a drink. Ask curious questions, or just observe the interactions. 
  6. Remember a random good thing that happened to you, and feel the gratefulness rise inside of you. I met my closest friend at the moment, by divine appointment, at the grocery store. My enthusiasm for natural birth started when I did a google search and found my private midwife, Hazel. Thank you, God. You really are planning good things for me—like ALL THE TIME.