5 Ways to Avoid Tearing

  1. STRETCH: In early labour (when things are just starting up), do Forward-leaning InversionSide-lying Release (on both sides) and Rebozo Manteada to open everything in your pelvis up and remove any muscular tension
  2. WATER: Give birth in warm water, spend time in warm water during late labour, or have your midwife hold warm wet washcloths on your perineum while your baby’s head is born
  3. IN-OUT: When the head is being born, let your baby’s head emerge a little and then go back in. It does this naturally to massage the muscles and skin. It also lets circulation return to the perineum when baby retreats
  4. PANT: When your baby’s head is being born, ‘pant’ like a dog with its tongue out. You don’t need to ‘push’ as your body will naturally ‘bear down’. Avoid getting numbing agents rubbed on your perineum that remove your connection to how your body is feeling
  5. HORSE-LIPS: Try to blow raspberries. “I find that when women in labour attempt to make this sound (even if they don’t quite succeed), it significantly relaxes their mouth, throat, and, at the same time, their bottom (cervix and perineum).” — Ina May Gaskin

Have you tried any of these? Have you read about other ways? Is this something that makes you feel unsure about birth? Love to know your thoughts! Email me or DM me on Instagram. 🙂