4 Easy, Practical, Post-Birth Healing Tools

  • Try peeing in the shower. When you pee, your urine may sting your vaginal opening. (Tiny grazes can happen even if tearing didn’t occur—they heal quickly). Or pour a jug of water over your vulva (into the toilet) after peeing to dilute the acid of the urine.
  • Roll to your side when you want to get out of bed, and then push yourself up. (Your stomach muscles are still finding their strength, so getting up in bed via a ‘crunch’ is too much at first and can cause your stomach muscles to separate).
  • Wear a firm compression band around your stomach for the first week postpartum to take the role of your core, while your body readjusts. (Otherwise, your back muscles may compensate and cause unnecessary lower back pain).
  • It’s normal to bleed after birth because the placenta was attached inside your womb. Now this space needs to heal. You can expect to bleed with the strength of a strong period for 2 weeks after birth. Then, it will move to a light period for another 1-2 weeks. Wear maternity pads in your undies, or free bleed if this suits your lifestyle.