Thoughts on feeling young

It felt like we were infinite, sitting there by the lake, in the dark under the stars. It just felt right to be with friends, young and alive. I lean into that feeling whenever it stops by to say hello because as unexpectedly as it comes, the feeling vanishes into thin air; and the moment is gone forever.

Thoughts on feeling young and infinite

The moment when time just stops

The last time I recall experiencing this feeling, was halfway down the aisle on my wedding day in a park under the trees. I was looking steadfastly towards my future husband. That moment lent me a feeling of deep rightness in my stomach. I knew I was connecting myself to something deep and sacred, a union that meant we were connected forever. It felt like the beginning of infinity. Sometimes it still does.

Thoughts on feeling young and infinite

When time stands still

It’s a strange feeling when time stands still. Sometimes I try to make time move faster, but moments like those remind me that infinity is above me, around me and maybe even in me.