Mountain cabin retreat

Sometimes you just need time off work and time out of your normal life. We did. In July 2015 we took a week out of our daily grind and spent it on the side of a mountain in a rustic cabin. Our cabin didn’t have electricity, plumbing or central heating. We showered in a rustic open air shower. We watched the cows grazing each day and feed the horses grass. We wrote songs and read books. We let ourselves relax. We made damper. We chopped wood. We walked around the large hilly property. We herded cows and explored small towns and ate cheese. Needless to say it was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had. The view was unreal. The whole trip was a dream.

The view from the cabin was breathtaking. Each afternoon we would watch the sun stoop below the horizon with a glass of red in hand. It was so beautiful.

We had company each day while we ate breakfast in the outdoor kitchen. The horses and cows would come right up close to the house so we could feed them spare apples.

We relied on the indoor heated to keep us toasty warm during the freezing winter nights. We would chop wood in the afternoon, lite the fire around 4pm and keep it stoked all night until we went to bed.