Would you try solo hiking?

Solo hiking…have you ever tried it? Or would you try it? I’ve found solo hiking to be a rewarding practice. I use the time to think, process my thoughts aloud, sing and decompress.

Society has conditioned women to think they’re not supposed to be solo, especially not in a secluded national park (without wifi). There’s this stigma, but I find it really rewarding to hike alone. I do occasionally experience a thought which manifests as a feeling of fear in my body. It’s at this point that I draw my attention back to my breath and the present moment. Fear can only exist as a memory in the past or as a future what-if. As long as I remain in the present moment, I am able to fully immerse myself in the beauty and peace of the rainforest.

Recently I climbed Mt Mitchell. It’s a beautiful walk along a well identified path. As I walked I tried to find a range of different natural colours and textures. I was amazed at what I found.