Our trip around Australia

We spent a month driving around Australia in a 24 year old van…and it didn’t breakdown. We drove 10,000 kms through Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia and New South Wales. When we left Brisbane, we had no idea we’d end up visiting Uluru, Alice Springs, Kata Juta National Park, the Field of Lights and more! We met lifelong friends in Darwin and Alice Springs. We cooked Kangaroo tail over a bush fire in the middle of nowhere with a group of local Indigenous people. It’s hard to capture the depth of the experience in words. It almost felt like a pilgrimage. We saw so much wildlife as we drove including sheep, kangaroos, camels, chickens, cows, goats, wild dogs, rabbits, a wild bore, a snake, horses, emus, and heaps of bird life.

Apparently we visited Uluru at an odd time — there were little tiny flowers blooming everywhere! One of the locals told us that the blooms were a result of 7 weeks worth of good rain over the last 7 months (unheard during a desert winter). The desert wasn’t dry and dead; but alive and dancing for us under the full moon.We experienced the diverse faces of Australia’s landscape. It was a trip we won’t forget quickly!