Stress-relief gift bag idea

Stress can shift from a nuance to anxiety in a heartbeat. I often hear friends (and even acquaintances) mention they’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed-out by their situation. It’s just so common.

Sometimes, it’s not about words or quality time…it’s about small gestures laden with meaning. A friend was feeling stressed, so I decided to drop off this little stress-busting bag of goodies at my friend’s house. I haven’t made one of these little gift bags in while. So I guess I forgot how therapeutic the process of sourcing and creating something like this could be. It makes sense though — giving and receiving are inexplicably linked.

What are your favourite stress-relieving products? Do you ever drop presents at friend’s doorsteps?

The gift bag contains:
Lavender oil
Epsom salts
Rescue Pastilles
Coconut balm
Photo frame