Simple decluttering trick

Here’s a simple way to declutter your life and streamline your next moving process.

When we transitioned from renting renting a house to moving into our tiny home there was a lot of decluttering to be done! And yes, it was tricky. We knew that there was no way our existing house full of possessions would fit in the caravan (even with our handy under-the-bed storage). We also knew we simply didn’t need (or use) most of the appliances, books, products (etc!) anyway.

So, we began the process of downsizing. At first it was extremely hard and unproductive. Then it turned around. And here’s how…at first we kept thinking, ‘maybe we will use this one day…we should keep it.’ The only thing this mindset provided useful for was slowing us down. This meant that as long as the product wasn’t actually broken, it went in the ‘to take with us’ pile. We soon realised this method was not working. So we switched our mindset to ‘which of these belongings make me feel good when I interact with them?’. This simple question flipped our whole moving process on its head, allowing us to ruthlessly declutter. In the end, we gave away, donated or tossed out 90% of our possessions.

This mindset shift gave us permission to let go of things we didn’t love, in turn allowing us to comfortably move into a smaller space that we do love. Win-win!