NZ in a Kombi? This couple did.

Recently, our brother Scott and sister-in-law Annie spent 12 days travelling around the beautiful country of New Zealand in a red Kombi van. From Brisbane to New Zealand by plane takes less than 3.5 hours, so it’s a common choice for young couples and photographers who want to enjoy gorgeous scenery and the cooler weather. It’s also perfect for short-term holidays. Whereas most Australian’s like to spend 3-4 weeks abroad if they travel to places like America and Europe, New Zealand works well for shorter blocks of time.

Here’s what Scott + Annie said about their trip…

We had always dreamt of exploring the South Island of New Zealand on wheels. However, we were put off at first by travel brands that advertised New Zealand as a cookie-cutter travel destination for tourists who love using selfie-sticks (well, that’s how it appeared anyway!). Needless to say we didn’t fit that customer profile.

Then one day, we decided to do a bit of researching. The first few van companies we looked at only hired clunky white vans. We figured they would obstruct the beautiful view, so we kept looking. Then we found them… Classic Campers. We booked our Kombi van a couple of days later and took to planning the details of our trip.

A Kombi van was the perfect way to see the South Island. We loved experiencing ‘small space living’. It really made us wonder why we store up so many things we don’t use, just to fill empty space. In the end, we had pretty much had all of the necessities we needed right in the van (although we were very happy to come home to a bigger bed and hot shower!). The Kombi stripped away the unnecessary and simultaneously highlighted why we were travelling in the first place – to spend time with one another and explore the beautiful country of New Zealand. And that’s exactly what we were able to do – without distractions. Day after day there were less bruises and bumps from knocking into cupboards, seats, roofs and each other; and we found our eating, sleeping and travelling routine.

Tiny living was really achievable and a whole lot of fun!

P.S. Annie is a lifestyle photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. Learn more about Annie here.