Top IG accounts right now

We really enjoy scouting for new Instagram accounts to follow and vicariously live through. Here’s a selection of our rotating favourites…

Dart Photo


The what: Check this account out for its subdued colour palette which captures simple ordinary moments.
The who: Laura Dart, Photographer at
Useful for: Days when you want to transport back to the 90s and live in the slow lane.
The account: Follow @dartphoto


Free Orgy


The what: This account is for odd biology-textbook-esque illustrations in ink that incorporate fine dotted lines, plant matter and (skeletons of) animals.
The who: Pony Reinhardt, Tattoo Artist at Tenderfoot Studio
Useful for: Planning your next dead bird tattoo or reminding yourself of how much you like elaborate illustrations (like these beautiful sunflowers).
The account: Follow @freeorgy


Wilder Fields


The what: This account is for simple but powerful two-tone illustrations which illicit futuristic vibes.
The who: Caleb Connell, Illustrator at
Useful for: Imagining what you would look like as a 2D illustration.
The account: Follow @wilder.fields.