Living off a part-time income

It’s true. We’ve never had much money — we’re young! Plus, we’ve always chosen the lifestyle we want to build, over large pay checks.

I’ve been offered a few jobs getting paid more than I currently earn. I’ve always turned them down. It would mean working full time and commuting for 2+ hours each day which I’m not in for. Naturally, these lifestyle choices do have very really affects on our financial options. So, after being inspired by Comedian Jason Good’s take on what parenting your first child is like in comparison to your second, I thought I would be funny to write my thoughts on what it’s been like to transition from a full-time to a part-time income. Can you relate?


Grocery shopping

Full time income: All organic everything — GF macro brand snacks, fresh fruit to juice in our home juicer
Part time income: Bulk Mi Goreng noodles, 4 apples, a loaf of bread



Full time income: Eat out every night except one
Part time income: Mi Goreng at home in our undies while watching TV



Full time income: Fresh black designer jeans, op shop shirt to be hipster, new leather shoes
Part time income: The same worn jeans with crotch holes, only op shop shirts, shoes missing their inner soles


Nighttime routine

Full time income: Netflix on repeat — monthly subscription in full swing!
Part time income: Netflix on repeat — inventing email addresses to keep free trialling



Full time income: Fully catered house party with homemade sangria and 3 types of craft beer
Part time income: BYO picnic in the park anyone?


Meet-ups with friends

Full time income: Meet for dinner and drinks in the city, followed by dessert bar treats
Part time income: Pot luck dinner at home with mismatched plates and 75c-a-bottle soda water