Food as skincare?

You’ve heard of food as medicine but what about food as makeup?

Forget chemical laden creams and lipsticks, there are a new wave of beauty products being made of high quality food-grade ingredients. According to IBIS World, the organic cosmetics and toiletries industry in Australia grew by close to 18% every year from 2009 to 2014, with revenue sitting at $236 million. And it makes sense. Consumers no longer just want to know what’s being put into their bodies but onto their skin too. The skin is thought to absorb up to 80% of the products (similar to the way a Nicorette patch works). This is why its safest to incorporate natural beauty products wherever possible. An easy rule of thumb? Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.

Consumers care about harmful ingredients

This beauty trend use to be confined to females with an inclination towards using crystal-deodorant…but it’s no longer the case. This new high-end consumer trend has been birthed out of growing awareness around the harmful effects of toxins (inside and outside the body). For example, Parabens are often found in deodorant, toothpaste, cleansers, shampoo and more. They are widely used because of how they prevent bacteria growth in products. Unfortunately they are very easily absorbed by the skin into the blood and digestive tract. They mimic estrogen in the body and have therefore been classified as ‘xenoestrogens’. More research needs to be done but some evidence suggests this synthetic ingredient is linked to breast cancer. According to the Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), parabens are not a high enough of a threat to incite alarm, however pregnant women should be weary of them.

Natural beauty businesses and bloggers

In response to this change in consumer expectations, a growing number of beauty companies are taking business transparency to a new level. They are promising ‘single ingredient’ beauty products which boast just one ‘super’ ingredient. Some beauty clinics are now striving to operate in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner by providing 100% natural and organic skincare solutions to clients. Additionally, the ‘no poo’ movement (AKA no shampoo movement)  is steadily growing momentum, with prominent mainstream blogger Kate, from Wit+Delight, trying and apparently loving the feel of not shampooing her hair for a month.

Who’s into ‘food as skincare’?

1. Young mothers and pregnant women who want to care for themselves and their babes by removing toxins from their home.
2. Health conscious women (and men) who are interested in clear, glowing skin and shiny hair.
3. People of all ages who have common skin issues like Psoriasis and eczema.

What’s next?

We believe this return to simple beauty products is a movement which will only grow in the next 5 years. Consumers will continue to demand more transparency, forcing beauty companies to innovate and secure sustainable, health-improving ingredients. We think there’ll also be an increase in no-chemical beauty salons. We believe this new wave of beauty salons will serve up organic products and toxin-free treatments with cold-press juices on the side.

Imagine a beauty landscape where it’s normal to walk down to your local beauty salon, have a sugar wax and then a relaxing Ylang Ylang essential oil massage. Then afterwards you enjoy an organic cacao bliss ball (made in-house of course), have your Naturopathy script filled (herbs to go anyone?!) and then your 3-day juice cleanse juices to go.

Maybe we’re dreaming…or maybe this day is not so far into the future.